Forgiveness: Meditations & Teachings on Ways to Release Painful Experiences

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Ron Roth Ph.D., modern-day mystic, shares with you his own experience of Forgiveness, not from a theoretical view-point, but from his own personal practice. Through the teachings on these Cd's you can begin transcending the hurts, shame, guilt and fears that have you in their negative energy and kept you in " past time".

Ron offers the listener a unique blend of spirituality, prayer and meditations along with a common sense approach in dealing with one's "Forgiveness Challenges" and ways to restore inner peace.

In this seminar, Jesus is seen as on, who filled with the Holy Spirit portrays a God of unconditional love, forgiveness, and mercy. Sacred Scriptures are presented in a practical context that can be utilized as energy medicine for the body, soul, and spirit - regardless of one's religious background and beliefs.

2 CD Set