Healing Prayers by Ron Roth, Ph.D.

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For those seeking healing through prayer.

This single recording is a unique experience for your journey towards wellness. Listen to the soothing vibrations of the sacred words inspired by the Holy Spirit. Feel the warmth of God's love embrace you. Sense the Creator's touch as Ron, acting as a channel for God's Holy Spirit, offers these healing prayers on your behalf. A MUST for anyone suffering with pain or sickness who is seeking healing.


I was reminded that at my first CLM retreat I was looking at CDs and wondering which one to choose for my first purchase. The woman who was standing next to me picked up HEALING PRAYERS and told me she recommended this CD. She had purchased it at a past retreat and played it over and over at the bedside of a friend who was seriously ill. Her friend had a rapid and complete recovery which mystified her doctors. She told me she experienced the same healing energy when she played the CD as she had felt when Ron prayed with people in person on retreats. I happily purchased that CD and it has become a treasured healing tool for me. It looks like it is already a treasured healing tool for you.

You can continue to play it over and over as you go to sleep, as you work on your bills, or simply as background music whenever you want open to deep healing. You described your personal healing so beautifully, “I feel my fragmentation fading away and wholeness returning to my life, as I listen to these prayers and calming influence of Ron’s profound healing messages.” On this CD Ron spoke to you of his privilege to be a door holder for God so we can peek into God’s Light and the Light of the Holy Spirit.