Holy Spirit: The Boundless Energy of God by Ron Roth Ph.D.

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A powerful collection of prayers, meditations, and breathing exercises is designed to help readers open their hearts to the action of the Holy Spirit and develop a personal connection with the boundless energy of God's love.

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"My mission is to make God credible once again to the people who have lost faith in organized religion but still desire a spiritual life. I base my teachings about the Holy Spirit on my immediate experience of the Spirit at work in my own life. These teachings are not abstract statements but have been road-tested. They are intended to make your life easier and more fulfilling in a direct way. The Buddha repeatedly urged the curious to 'come and see', to investigate his teachings and techniques for themselves, rather than to base their beliefs on faith. I make the same invitation to all of you. Don't be concerned about whether the teachings in this book correspond to what you may have been taught about the Holy Spirit as a child. If what I have to say corresponds to your own experience, then the spiritual exercises I suggest will help you be more actively aware of the workings of the Spirit within you so that you can live your life more fully and richly. In the end, that's the only test that matters." - Ron Roth, Ph.D.