Invoking the Sacred: For Healing, Guidance & Abundance

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Recorded live in Chicago, Illinois in 1995, this six CD series is a clear look at the signals we constantly receive from our bodies and our emotional selves. Caroline and Ron offer a positive and empowering message directed toward helping you break free of patterns that limit your ability to create a healthy body and life.

They lead you on a journey toward understanding an existing, energizing new archetype of the nature of the Sacred. This archetype lies at the intersection of electromagnetic energy and the spirit.

They show you that it is possible to create a spiritual life that includes abundance in health and love in the material world; otherwise known as the "holistic spirituality" model.

As in all of their teachings, Ron & Caroline share their enthusiasm, wit and charm in this wonderful once in a lifetime presentation. Be prepared to LAUGH!

6 CDs (6 hours and 35 min)