Prayer and Spirit as Energy Medicine

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All prayers are answered. In this uplifting four-part series, Ron Roth shows you how to pray in a manner that brings about fulfillment in all areas of your life. Ron describes the “favorable factors” necessary to bring about spiritual healing, which he defines as a celebration of life, as well as exhilarating relationships—not just a healed body. As you listen to this program, you’ll tap into age-old secrets for living a more dynamic and powerful life.

Part 1: Concepts of Prayer and Inner Peace—the essential ingredients for those who desire healing.

Part 2: Be assured that the peace of God is the only goal in life. To achieve it, you must first reach the “still point.” a place of inner peace where communion with God is possible.

Part 3: Ron teaches you how to pray in order to get optimal results, and emphasizes the value of forgiveness.

Part 4: This part brings it all together, defining the seven favorable factors, the five stages of life, and the importance of praying as if your desire has already happened.