Transcendence: The Highest Form of Enlightenment

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The November 2005 Spiritual Healing Retreat was an extremely powerful experience for all the attendees. Now you can live these experiences as your own personal healing retreat in the privacy of your own home through this two CD set.

Part 1: You Are a Being of Light

Part 2: Testimonies of Healing Experiences

Ron Roth, Ph.D., a modern-day mystic and best-selling author has brought healing to thousands of people of all faiths and traditions through a powerful spiritual grace that came to him more that 30 years ago. Miraculous healings continue to be reported. Ron always reminds everyone, "God heals. I do not."

Paul Funfsinn is the co-founder and Spiritual Shepherd of Celebrating Life Ministries, who continues the healing legacy of Ron Roth. He is a powerful teacher and healer, helping people to realize the love of God. He hosts healing services and four-day retreats all across the United States and abroad.